Beyond Reach UAS

Beyond Reach UAS is a Milwaukee based startup that’s tackling a huge pain-point for first responders: situational awareness. Their innovative drone systems are capable of providing invaluable information to these agencies – in the hopes of saving lives and resources. An identity was created to enhance their credibility while pitching their prototypes to investors and agencies.

Client: Beyond Reach UAS
Services: Identity / Branding
Design & Direction: Jeremy Detina


Since Beyond Reach UAS isn’t consumer facing, we shifted our focus to the intended audience of government municipalities and agencies. We did an exhaustive visual audit of drone brands, the aerospace sector, and government agencies to hone in on the appropriate design vernacular, especially in typography.

A simple, custom, and slightly abstracted BR monogram speaks to the vivid name of the company, in which the top bowl of the B extends into that of the R. The sharp diagonals and open forms create a bold and dynamic mark that strongly relates to the urgency of first responders. A calm and collected color palette of grays is complemented by a splash of red for visual impact and clarity. The mark was blown out into a visual element that livens the brand and reinforces the dynamics.