Eating Made Easy.

Neat is an iOS application concept that helps you control your diet, time, and food dollars through meal planning. Recipes are curated, calendarized, and compiled into a grocery list. Their data can then be viewed to assess nutrition, time, and finances. It was designed for young, single professionals but can be of value for anyone who frequently shops, cooks, and eats alone.

Name & Identity

“Neat” is used to describe a place or thing that’s arranged in an orderly, tidy way and something that’s done with skill and efficiency. Additionally, the last three letters form “eat.”

Utilizing efficiency, freshness, and conservation as the essential pillars of the design direction, a stripped down mark was created around the representation of a plated meal. The color palette is comprised of cool greys and bright greens for a fresh and calming atmosphere. The sans-serif typography is highly legible, unobtrusive, and complements the primary iOS typeface.


The interface and experience were designed with a simple goal in mind: someone should be able to plan a week’s worth of meals in less than five minutes and have the ability to tightly monitor their resources. This was achieved through a comprehensive, yet orderly procedural system. Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines were followed to ensure that the interface felt familiar and intuitive. Additionally, tertiary level pages were completely eliminated from the equation to aid in the speed of navigation and mobility.