The Full Circle

The Full Circle is a crime-drama television series concept. Inspiration was drawn from the motion work of Saul Bass, much of which utilized a minimal visual language. Playing on the name of the show, an immersive sequence was created that abstractly represents the pieces of a puzzle converging into a holistic image.

Keyframes & Stills

Without any footage to work with and a tight timeline, I relied heavily on typography and abstraction to create the sequence. With a vivid reference in the show’s name, I began thinking about the circle as a metaphor for a detective’s vision of the case.

I teased out this concept through the use of a dilatational grid that housed incomplete circles, representing clues, that circulate in and out of the frame from slightly different perspectives. Each of the cast is introduced through this lens, and the final reveal depicts the culmination of these clues into a finished puzzle that comprises the main lock up.

My initial keyframe sketches served as the structural basis for the sequence and allowed me to quickly build out style frames and motion tests; these keyframes remained intact throughout the process.