Wisconsin Avenue

Discover Something New.

Wisconsin Avenue is not only one of Milwaukee’s oldest roads, but also one if its longest. It stretches from the lake in the East to the suburbs in the West. In doing so, it crosses many barriers, both natural and artificial. What was once a booming epicenter of culture and trade is now a confused and defunct space. We created a fresh, lively, and cohesive identity to unify the segregated spaces along the street. The brand was activated through a messaging system that reminded people that Wisconsin Avenue still has a lot to offer. The entire project was created through a collaborative effort with my good friend, Abby Bruckner.


Utilizing the branding of Milwaukee’s Third Ward as a case study, we equipped Wisconsin Avenue with a distinguishable color palette that renders retro colors in a fresh, new way and maximized brand recognition through the use of only four swatches. The mark references the vernacular of road markers that differentiate lanes and crossways while also speaking to the flux of environments that comprise the road; guidelines were also developed for streamlined usage of assets.


Wisconsin Avenue contains many of Milwaukee’s landmarks, yet it is still overlooked as a primary destination. We developed a tagline, “Discover Something New,” and an array of collateral to activate the new identity and communicate the various offerings along Wisconsin Avenue–from the Milwaukee Public Library to numerous venues, bars, restaurants, and shops.