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Jeremy Detina

Logos & Marks
An assortment of logos and marks created between 2017–2019: including commissions, proposals, competition entries, partnerships, and personal exploration.

︎ Vacant land wholesaler.

︎ Harry Hoffman Foundation – a private grantmaking institution.

︎ Streetwear label. 

︎ Social media personality.

︎ Miscellaneous exploration.   

︎ Beyond Reach UAS – emergency drone systems. 

︎ Public poetry events.

︎ Alternative music venue.  

︎ Bike race for charity.  

︎ Motorsports photographer. 

︎ Miscellaneous exploration.

︎ Neat – a meal planning application.

︎ Cultural magazine.

︎ Wisconsin Avenue – a main road in Milwaukee

︎ Flexible food storage systems.

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